An effeminate runway from Katerina Plamitzerova during Prague Fashion Week showcased large, intricately detailed accessories contrasted against soft silhouettes.

This show was directed by SESSION.MASTER Craig Hughan and Robert Stary, led by Michael Birrer along with the international KEVIN.MURPHY team including Sarah Lund, Massimo Morello, Joseph Gossen and Emma Hallstensson, and the KEVIN.MURPHY Czech Republic and UK team.


The team created a modest plait that was tucked up and under so as not to distract from the detailed headwear and accessories. This low, swept back look added an ethereal feel to the collection and contrasted against the edgy, bold accessories in order to bring a variety of visual elements to the runway. 14310480_668161210006696_5588175985887237721_o picture214242225_668162960006521_6516666868341519583_o14207614_668163200006497_2397464025070924936_o 14231944_668162600006557_8520989515349800639_o14242366_668163736673110_3919629799822464541_o 14249922_668162620006555_4985249066520034491_o 14257522_668163566673127_4572440361984895354_o picture114231196_668165980006219_6852849249851306180_o 14232030_668165776672906_1461262228587661622_o 14242338_668165493339601_6392143782901561665_o 14249983_668165880006229_2112777499326105652_o 14305192_668162033339947_7707498803357899067_o

Photos provided courtesy of Lucie Babickova.